A Solo Traveler to Tibet

Many young travelers are interested in being a solo traveler to Tibet now. The total amount of being a backpacker has risen to a peak. Solo traveling means they have to deal with all the problems that happen during their visit alone, so people who choose to solo travel to Tibet must have a strong will and capable of essential knowledge about traveling.

So here comes the question: how do people identify whether they are qualified enough to be a solo traveler to Tibet? A lot of foreign travelers want to know the answer.

Potala Palace in Lhasa
Potala Palace


I think the essential requirements are as follows:

  1. Making a traveling plan at least 20 days ahead of your due date.

Searching engines online are useful for you to prepare a perfect plan. First, choose your favorite spots and matching them with your schedule. Making an outline of your solo Travel plan. The Chinese government has a series of strict rules to define the behaviors of the solo traveler to Tibet when they were traveling. One of those is foreigners cannot travel in Tibet without a guide’s companion. It means foreigners have to book a tour from a Tibet Travel Agency in advance and let them handle the itinerary and guide thing.

  1. Comparing at least 2 or 3 travel agencies to make a final choice.

You can know the agencies through checking their home pages by searching on Google yourself. The best choice for a solo traveler is to follow a professional Tibet tour agency and join a small Tibet group tour to get a lower price. The local Tibet travel agencies are the best cause they have accesses to get the first-hand price for their customers and you can follow someone who knows the place better than finding the way all by yourself. The majority of the tour groups are similar except for the slight differences in hotel price and departure dates. You can select the right agency according to your income and your budget.


Maybe a phone call in advance would let you know them better.

  1. Sending the copy of your passport and your Chinese Visa for Tibet Travel Permit/Tibet Visa. Most of the travel agencies offer the service that making all the necessary permits for free as long as you book a tour. For example, a solo traveler to Tibet needs to provide Tibet Travel Permit and Alien’s Travel Permit for visiting the Mr. Everest Base Camp.


If you choose to travel Tibet from Nepal, you have to apply for your Chinese Visa in Kathmandu with the help of a professional travel agency. Because the China Embassy in Kathmandu doesn’t make the group visa for individual travelers. It only costs you a little service fee.

Sera Monastery in Lhasa
Monks’ debate in Sera Monastery


  1. Package for your solo Tibet tour

Your travel consultant will give you a list of things that are needed during your trip. For example, winter clothes, anti-burn articles, etc. Please make a double check before leaving for Tibet. Ensure you pack all the things in your backpack.


Enough sleep and good mental and physical status can avoid high-altitude sickness.

All the things above are what I want to recommend to people who want to be a solo traveler to Tibet. And hope you guys can have a happy memory for your Tibet tour. I bet you would never regret to see the mysterious and magnificent scene in Tibet in person.


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