China Group Visa for Entering Tibet from Nepal

China Visa is an indispensable document to enter China for foreigners. Tibet Autonomous Region is a part of China, of course, a China Visa is required to provide when traveling here as well. But there are two situations, one is to enter Tibet from inland China, another is from Nepal. For the first case, it’s the same as you enter other provinces in China, which is simply to apply for it in the Chinese Embassy in your country. For the second case, you must apply for a China Group Visa in Kathmandu no matter you still have or have not a valid China Visa.

China Group Visa for entering Tibet from Nepal

What is China Group Visa in Kathmandu for traveling to Tibet?

In short, China Group Visa for Tibet Tours is a kind of single-entry tourist visa for those foreign visitors who will enter Tibet from Nepal. It is issued only by the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. And it is a compulsory regulation even you have already got a China Visa before. Once the new China Group Visa was issued, the old one would be canceled at once. So, please do not apply for China Visa in your own country if you plan to travel to Tibet from Nepal.


The term of validity and the content on China Group Visa

The China Group Visa for entering Tibet from Nepal is no more than 30 days and you can also enter other normal provinces in China. As it called “Group”, the content on this China Visa includes the information of all the travelers in your group, such as names, nationalities, birth dates and passport numbers, etc.


How to obtain the China Group Visa in Nepal?

Unfortunately, you have to arrive in Kathmandu at least 3 days prior your Tibet tours. Because according to the new regulation, the original passport must be provided to apply for the China Group Visa, which is different from the old one – the passport copy is acceptable. The following is the specific procedures to get your China Group Visa in Nepal.

the Invitation Letter for Tibet tours
  1. Send your tour agency a scanned passport copy.
  2. With this copy, the agent will first get a Group Visa number after offering an Invitation Letter. Meanwhile, they will apply for your Tibet Travel Permit.
  3. The agent will send the scanned copies of the Tibet Travel Permit and the Invitation Letter to you after they get the original Tibet Permit.
  4. Once you reach Kathmandu, the Nepali agent, usually the partner of your Tibet tour agent will take you to the Chinese Embassy, where you should submit the visa application in person. The documents you must provide – the original passport, Tibet Travel Permit (copy), Invitation Letter (copy), and a photo with white background.
  5. Back to hotel and wait for a few days. It normally takes 3 working days to get the ordinary China Group Visa. But for urgent Visa, 2 working days are available. For top urgent ones, 1 working day is enough. It’s just the matter of price. Please be noted that the China Group Visa can be only applied for on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which means Tuesday and Thursday are not available for submission. The charge for different applications is as below.
the charge of different procedures for China Group Visa


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