Q: How to get the Tibet Permit if flying from inbound China to Lhasa? And what if we take the train to Tibet?

A: For flights from other provinces in China to Tibet, you have to show the original Tibet Permit when boarding. We will send the original permits by express to your hotel in mainland China. So, please tell us the detailed information accordingly, including the hotel name, address, phone number, etc. Check with the reception and make sure you get it before you go to the airport. Anything unexpected, please contact your travel consultant immediately.

For taking the train to Tibet, the copy of Tibet permit is acceptable. Please print the permit after you get the copy by email. It’s best to make it three pieces. Show the copy permit to the train station staff when checking in. But if you take the train to Tibet from Chongqing, Xi’an or Lanzhou, you must provide the original Tibet Permit.


Q: How many days do we need to get the Tibet Permit after you got all the necessary documents from us?

A: It usually takes 7-12 days to issue the permit, if you only travel to Lhasa. We need to get the permit approved through many government departments, such as Tibet Tourism Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Foreign Affair Office, Frontier Defense Department, and so on. It will need more time if you want to visit the other parts of Tibet besides Lhasa. For instance, you want to pay a visit to the western Tibet, to see Mt. Kailash or the ruins of Guge Kingdom, we need at least 1 month to apply for the Military Permit. After it gets passed, the Tibet Permit can be started to issue.


Q: What documents do you need to apply for the Tibet Permit?

A: The government requests the following documents:

  1. Fixed itinerary with every day’s detailed arrangements.
  2. Entry and Departure City (the city before you get into Tibet and the next destination after you leave Tibet)

The above information will be printed on the Tibet Permit and could not be changed in principle. But it does need extra time and fee to revise if there is unexpected situation occurred.

  1. Color copy of valid passport photo page.
  2. Color copy of valid China Visa page.

If your China Visa is not L Visa (tourist visa), you must provide an additional paper in Mandarin with your school or company’s stamp, on which you need to write your full name, passport number, school/company address and telephone number, etc.


Q: What documents do we need to provide for obtaining Tibet Permit if we fly to Lhasa from Kathmandu?

A: You need to give us the copy of passport via email. We will arrange an invitation letter first to apply for your China Group Visa. This is a compulsory regulation. Whether you have or have not China Visa, you have to apply for a new one called China Group Visa in Kathmandu as long as you enter Tibet from Nepal. Even if there is only one person in the group.



If you have any questions regarding Tibet Permits, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We will get back to you within 36 hours.