How to Apply for the China Visa When Traveling to Tibet

So, you already booked your trip to Tibet with a Tibet tour company. They may have told you that you need to provide the copy of your passport and China Visa to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit, i.e. Tibet Visa. It’s a compulsory regulation for the foreigners to travel to Tibet. Then, how to apply for the China Visa if you haven't had one before?

Here are two situations actually. The difference is caused by the different places before entering Tibet, from Nepal or mainland China.

Important note, if you want to enter Tibet from Kathmandu, please don’t apply for China Visa in your country. According to the regulations, foreign travelers who go to Tibet from Nepal have to get the China Group Visa from the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. It requires your original passport and usually takes three working days to obtain the Visa. So, it means you have to spend at least three days in Nepal. If you want to visit Nepal as well, I suggest you do a Nepal tour first, and then go to Lhasa after you get the China Group Visa.

China Group Visa for entering Tibet from Nepal

Today we are going to elaborate the second situation. Travel to Tibet from mainland China. In this case, you have to obtain a China Visa from the Chinese Embassy first. You can go to the nearest one located where you live except for those who are required to apply for the China Visa in the country of birth.

Here are the useful tips for you to obtain the China Visa smoothly.

Step One. Try by yourself first.

It means you provide all the information by yourself, such as the flight tickets, the hotel you booked in mainland China, etc. And remember that do not mention any information about Tibet when you apply for the China Visa. Because the Embassy may ask you to provide the Tibet Permit/Tibet Visa first due to the special situation of Tibet. They need an evidence that could prove your legality of visiting Tibet. But the truth is the Tibet Permit could be not ready without your China Visa copy. So, you may get rejected directly.

The flight tickets are easy things as you do have them. The only difficult thing for you might be the hotel information. However, with the development of the internet, it’s not hard to book some hotels online nowadays. Just need to choose the one without extra fees when you cancel the booking after you get your China Visa successfully.

If you failed by this way, then, go to Step Two. Looking for help from your Tibet tour company. Ask your Tibet tour consultant to give you the following documents:

  1. Tour contract with a detailed
  2. Invitation letter.
  3. Hotel list.

With the above documents, 90% of the travelers could get the China Visa unless there are some bad records in their files.

Something you need to know about China Visa in advance.

  1. When should I start the China Visa application before traveling to Tibet? How long is the validity of a China Visa?

China Visa (L type) is usually valid for three months. You could enter China on any date during the three months and stay in China for 30 days. Besides, according to the regulations, the Tibet Tourism Bureau starts to accept Tibet Visa applications one month before the tour starts. So, it’s better to lodge the Visa application three months before your Tibet tours start. Thus you still have enough time to deal with any unexpected matters.

  1. What types of China Visa holders could not travel to Tibet with a Tibet tour company?

J type. Travel agencies are not allowed to arrange Tibet tours for journalists, government officials, or monks.



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