How to Get China Group Visa

China Group Visa is a document required for international tourists who intend to enter Tibet through Nepal, officially issued by the Kathmandu-based Chinese embassy. It initially can be applied by either individual traveler or group tourists. However,  recently the regulation has changed and individual tourist cannot apply for it anymore. According to the new policy, the minimum of people for this visa has become 5 members as a tourist group. Moreover, they are supposed to reserve a tour package ahead of time and travel together in China. China Group Visa is issued only for single entry, which is separate from passport and issued on an independent sheet. It is also necessary to acquire one official Visa Notification Letter from any headquarter of organizations such as the China Travel Service (CTS), China International Travel Service (CITS), China Youth Travel Service (CYTS), and Chinese National Tourism Bureau. Therefore, the application of this visa is generally operated by a reliable local tour agency based in Tibet.


Just because you are a single tourist, it does not mean you can not obtain this visa and have no chance to tour the dreamy Tibet you are longing for. As a Lhasa-based tour operator, Great Tibet Tour could promise we are totally competent to help you deal with the visa problem. With over 13 years experience in Tibet tour industry, we have arranged thousands of group tour and helped a large number of tourists get to Tibet from Nepal. It is undoubtedly that our tour consultants are completely credible to customize your special Tibet journey and find the most suitable traveling partners for you.


The Process of Getting China Group Visa


  1. As we mentioned above, tourists are allowed to obtain China Group Visa before they arrive in Tibet via Kathmandu, Nepal by flight or by an overland tour. If you have decided to take the Nepal-Tibet journey, the first thing to do is to confirm your itinerary with a local agency such as Great Tibet Tour so that we could arrange the application of Tibet Permit for you as soon as possible. Then travelers should mail the scanned photo of passports to our tour consultants and after around 12 working days, tourists will receive the Tibet Travel Permit and visa invitation letter very soon.


  1. Travelers are required to stay in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal at least three working days ahead of time. We also need your original passport to apply for the China Group Visa.


  1. We could deliver the issued China Group Visa to tourists’ hotel, train station or airport. Please make sure you carry the Tibet Travel Permit and China Group Visa before you come to Tibet. These documents will be checked out many times on different occasions. And please do not lose it. Otherwise, it will be a big problem.



  1. Tibet Travel Permit and China Group Visa cannot be applied by the individual. The only way to acquire them is to let a reliant Tibet travel agency assist you.
  2. If you have not settled on a specific schedule for your Tibet tours, it is better to apply the longest valid time of your permits which is 30 days at most.
  3. Application of urgent group visa is not acceptable anymore, and your original passport is required as well.

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