How to Get Tibet Travel Permit/Tibet Visa

Tibet is a great and sacred region where is well-known for breathtaking landscapes of mountains and lakes, time-honored monasteries as well as mysterious Buddhism culture. It attracts millions of tourists every year from all over the world to visit and pilgrim. However, As we all know, Tebit is an autonomous region which has some special regulations for foreign tourists who want to get to it. For example, some documents are necessary when tourists have a plan to tour different areas of Tibet, and Tibet Travel Permit is one of the most important permits that every foreign tourist must own. Here we would offer you the detailed information about how to get the Tibet Travel Permit and help you experience a great Tibet tour.

What is Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travel Permit is a document required for foreign tourists who want to visit Tibet. There are some different names of Tibet Travel Permit, such as Tibet Entry Permit and Tibet Visa which is the most confusing one, frequently used by visitors. Without this permit, travelers cannot check in at the airport or board a train to Tibet, and impossibly get other permits to travel around Tibet.

Who needs the Tibet Travel Permit

It is essential for international tourists to get the Tibet Travel Permit. Moreover, for overseas Chinese who have no Chinese identity card or visit Tibet as a Chinese immigrant, Tibet Travel Permit and Chinese Visa are required for them to come to Tibet. Tourists living in Hong Kong and Macau don’t have to apply for Tibet Visa. If they decide to visit Tibet, they have to take the HK or Macau SAR Passport and Home Return Permit. For Taiwan residents, Mainland Travel Permit and Tibet Travel Permit are what they must have to enter Tibet.

Who Can’t Get the Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet is inaccessible for a part of international travelers including diplomats, journalists, professional media photographers, and government officials. If they are eager to enter Tibet, the first thing they must do is apply for Tibet Visa through the Tibet Foreign Affairs Office.

How to get Tibet Travel Permit   

Generally, this permit is applied for by the local tour agency in Tibet, for tourists are not allowed to enter Tibet alone and apply for the permit by themselves. Here is the guideline below to show you how to get the Tibet Travel Permit.

  1. First of all, tourists should acquire the passport and Chinese visa for the application of Tibet Travel Permit. But if decide to enter Tibet from Nepal, the Chinese visa is not available for you anymore, and you are required to apply for the Group Tourist Visa through Chinese Embassy located in Kathmandu.
  2. Tourists need to reserve a Tibet tour package before the tour operator they choose will arrange the application of Tibet Visa. Besides, the itinerary is needed to be confirmed as well since it will be printed on the Tibet Visa.
  3. As for documents required for the application, copies of Chinese Visa page and scanned photos of your passport are basically needed. If you only have a student visa or working visa for application, some other files may be required. Usually, it is recommended to start the application one month in advance before you start the journey to China.
  4. The Tibet Visa could be delivered from Lhasa to where you are such as the hotel or airport if you will take a flight to Tibet. Remember that you have to take along it because it might be checked almost everywhere in Tibet. The copy of the Tibet Visa is enough for those who will take the Qinghai-Tibet railway to Tibet, except for Chongqing, Lanzhou, and Xi’an.


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