Something about China Group Visa

Today we are going to talk about China Group Visa in some small but important details.


Firstly, what is China Group Visa?


Different from an individual visa, China Group Visa is the visa that China Embassy issue for the members in the same tour group. Some people call it “the Collected China Visa” as well. Two factors, one, it has to be a group with more than one traveler. Two, all the members in this group are touring China with the same itinerary. It means you have to enter China and leave China on the same day, the same flight. And during your stay in China, you have to stay with all the members, same tour route, same hotel, in case you could not provide the China Visa when checking in. With the above limitation, the China Group Visa is cheaper than an individual China Visa.


How to get China Group Visa?


Same as the individual Visa, you have to provide the following documents, basically.


  1. Your valid passport.
  2. Air tickets to and out of China. If you will enter or leave China by road, for instance, travel to Tibet from Nepal by road, you could just provide the itinerary.
  3. Tour itinerary.
  4. Hotel booking.
  5. Invitation letter from a Chinese travel agency.


The Visa type here we are talking about is the tourist visa, Type L. For other types, such as D, F, Z, M, X, and so on. you have to provide other certificate letters to prove your purpose of coming to China. For instance, you apply for M type visa for doing business in China. So, you need to get a business invitation letter from a company in China.


Okay, back to our tourist visa. You could found out that, the first four documents are easy to get. The problem is the invitation letter. How to get an invitation letter from a China Travel Agency?


Well, it depends. Why do I say like that? The regulations of different China Embassy are different in details. In some countries, they only need a letter from a China Travel Agency that includes all the information of the travelers, e.g. passport numbers, nationalities, gender, date of birth, etc. The letter is signed and stamped by the travel agency. Then, it’s okay to obtain the China Tourist Visa. In the USA, it does work out.


But in some other countries, like in the Netherlands, the Chinese Embassy requires an official invitation letter that issued by the local Tourist Bureau. This letter can’t be fake, because it has the barcode. The Embassy officers could check it in the governmental records. So, that’s the problem. Some travel agencies have no rights to apply for the invitation letter. Thus, please keep your eyes open when you are choosing the China Travel Agency. Make sure that they could give you an invitation letter for real.


New Regulation for China Group Visa.

This is kind of a bad news for international clients who are planning to visit China. From now on, the number of a tourist group to apply for the China Group Visa has become a minimum of five members. In the past, we could issue a group visa even only for one traveler. But now, at least five members. It means, we have to provide five valid passports. And it’s better to be the same nationalities. This is really hard. So, if you are looking for a China trip, please try your best to recruit other friends to join you.

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