Something You Should Know about Tibet Visa

It’s not a secret now that foreigners need to apply for the Tibet Visa to visit Tibet. So, you may wonder what is Tibet Visa, and how to get it. I think you will get all the answers after reading this post.


What is Tibet Visa?

Besides of China Visa, foreigner travelers have to provide a kind of permit which is issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau. It prints all the information about your Tibet tour on the permit, such as your name, passport number, when you will come in and out of Tibet, where you will go in Tibet, the city before and after the Tibet tours, etc. Only with the all fixed information, foreigners are allowed to travel to Tibet. This permit is called as Tibet Travel Permit, as well as Tibet Visa. Due to the special situation of Tibet Autonomous Region, the government wants everything to be clear and safe for the activities of foreigners in Tibet. That’s why Tibet Visa comes out.

Potala Palace

How to get Tibet Visa?

So far, Tibet Tourism Bureau only accepts an application from the Tibet travel agencies, which means no individual travelers could apply for Tibet Visa by themselves. Thus, not like the domestic travelers, foreigners could not have an independent tour in Tibet but must book a tour from one of the Tibet tour companies in advance.

On the other hand, it saves time and money for visitors. Because you could only give the copy of your passport and China visa to the Tibet travel agency you are engaged with, and then they will do everything for you. Nearly all the top Tibet tour companies could get the Tibet Visa without any problems.

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What documents should you prepare for applying for the Tibet Visa?

Firstly, the copy of your passport. You could scan it or just take a photo, of course, make sure it’s clear enough to read all the information on it.

If you will enter Tibet from mainland China, you have to get the China Visa in your country. And send the copy of it by email to your Tibet agent as well.

But if you will enter Tibet from Nepal (cause there is the only international flight connecting Lhasa), you don’t need to apply for the China Visa by yourself. According to regulations, you have to apply for the China Group Visa in Kathmandu with the help of the local tour agencies. It could be done in advance with the copy of your passport. But now, it changed and your original passport is required when applying for the visa. However, don’t worry. Our Nepali partner will come to your hotel in Kathmandu to collect your passport and a color photo. And return it back with the China Group Visa. The normal duration is three working days. You could pay a premium processing fee for an emergency situation, in which you could get the China Group Visa within one working day. The charge of the China Group Visa is different depends on different nationalities. The service charge is uniform, USD25 for a single traveler, while USD20 per person for travelers two and more.

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