Strict Rules for Traveling to Tibet

More and more travelers are coming to Tibet nowadays. After getting the China Visa and Tibet Permit, there are still some strict rules you need to obey during your trip to Tibet. Please check the following listed suggestion for helping you finish your Tibet tour smoothly.


Rules about getting into Tibet Autonomous Region, China:


  1. Foreigners must be accompanied by a tour guide in Tibet, especially out of Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region. This is a serious regulation. So, please don’t say “I just need to stay at the hotel, I don’t need a guide”. No Tibet tour companies will accept it. Because if got caught, both the travel agency and the traveler will be in big trouble. The traveler will be expelled from China. And the travel agency may lose the business license.
  2. The money (cash) you can bring in or take out of China legally is CNY20,000 only, in Chinese currency. Or 5000 in US dollars. Those exceeding the equivalent value of USD 5,000 shall make a written declaration to the China customs.
  3. Any printed material, tapes, or films that are adverse to China’s politics, economy or culture, are forbidden to take into China. For Tibet, the rules are more strict as it’s more sensitive. The maps, for example, the one that divides Taiwan out of China, do not take it when you are in China. Or, the book, “Lonely Planet”, do not take it when traveling to Tibet. Because Dalai Lama has signed it for once. Thus “Lonely Planet” is considered as a banned book in China and Tibet. In the past, if the China customs found the book in your luggage, you will not be able to travel to Tibet. Nowadays, this situation becomes better. You don’t have to end your Tibet tour immediately. However, the book will be confiscated, and you may be interrogated. It’s illegal to import other media material, like books, photos, videos about Dalai Lama to China. It’s worth reminding that the flag (Snow mountain lion flag) is also a subject may get you in big trouble.


Rules about getting out of Tibet Autonomous Region, China:


  1. Please be careful, if somebody in Tibet asks you to do a little favor for them, to help them take something out of Tibet, such as any letters, photos, or parcels. You have to say no to them. You could image that why they can not do this “little thing” by themselves. Because all the things from Tibet to overseas will be checked strictly. Once there is a suspicious smell, the parcel will be detained. And the related person will be grilling.
  2. The People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949. So, anything made in China before 1949 is antique, which you could take out of China with authenticated papers. And please note that the antique made before 1795 belongs to China government. It’s illegal to export it abroad.


Hope the above information on the rules about China Custom will give you a guide when planning your Tibet tours.

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