Useful Tips about Tibet Visa/Tibet Travel Permit

Q: What kind of China Visa holders are not allowed to travel to Tibet with Tibet travel agencies?

A: It’s okay for foreigners who have a D, Z, X, L, F China Visa to travel to Tibet with a Tibet tour company. Only J Visa (journalist) is not possible. Journalist, government officials have to apply for Tibet permit from the Foreign Affairs Department.

Beautiful Tibet


Q: What documents are needed to apply for the Tibet Visa/Tibet Travel Permit?

A: L Visa: It’s the easiest case. The copy of passport and L Visa is enough.

D Visa: Besides of the passport and visa, travelers are required to provide a certificate of employment or residency.

F Visa: Passport, Visa, an Invitation Letter from the Chinese company who invites you to come to China.

Z Visa: Passport, Visa, certificate of employment with the stamp of your company.

X Visa: Passport, Visa, certificate of study with the stamp of your school.


Q: How to get the Tibet Visa if I travel to Tibet from Nepal?

A: We only need your passport copy to apply for the Tibet Visa. No need your China Visa, as you have to apply for a Visa called China Group Visa in Kathmandu. According to the regulations, foreign travelers who go to Tibet from Nepal have to get the China Group Visa from Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. It requires your original passport and usually takes three days to obtain the Visa. So, it means you have to spend at least three days in Nepal.

We also have long-term partners in Kathmandu, who can arrange your tour in Nepal and help you get the China Group Visa.


Q: What needs to provide for applying for the China Group Visa in Kathmandu?

A: For obtaining the China Group Visa, please prepare your original passport and two photos (passport photo size) with white background. The validity of China Group Visa that issued in Kathmandu is 30 days. And it is easy to extend it from the immigration office in all the major cities in China, like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.

Holy Mt. Kailash

Q: When should I give all the necessary documents to the Tibet tour company for applying for Tibet Visa?

A: We usually start to apply for the Tibet Visa/Tibet Travel Permit one month before the tour starts. It takes around 12 working days to get the Tibet Travel Permit. But for visiting Mt. Kailash, you need to get the Military Permit. Thus, please hand over all the documents to your Tibet tour agent 45 days prior the tour starts.


Q: How can I get the original Tibet Visa/Tibet Travel Permit in mainland China?

A: According to the regulations, foreigners must have the original Tibet Travel Permit to board the domestic flight to Lhasa. So, we will deliver the permit to the hotel you booked in mainland China in advance. You can take it from the reception when you check in. Please tell me the hotel address after you book it.

The copy of the Tibet Visa is enough to board the train to Lhasa, except for Lanzhou, Chongqing, and Xi’an.


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